Achieve Balance For Life By Doing More…Not Less

​There’s a common perception that life balance can only be accomplished by doing less. While learning to fly the helicopter I discovered that the cause of imbalance is more about what you are not doing than what you are doing.  In this article I share how achieving balance for life is like learning to fly the helicopter. These principles became apparent as I attempted to take the controls of a helicopter for the very first time.  HELICOPTER TRAINING “You’ve got the […]

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17 Strategies to Overcome Burnout and Achieve Balance For Life

Burnout was by far the best/worst experience of life. Worst because it almost cost me my life and best because it has enabled me to help many people beat burnout and achieve balance for life. The strategies to overcome burnout and prevent it from reoccurring I share in my book Succeed Without Burnout are all focused on things we need to start doing, rather than on things we need to stop doing. I learned a long time ago that what […]

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The Top 5 Symptoms of Depression and How You Can Beat Depression

The swift and sudden descent of depression, along with worry and fear that caught me totally unaware as burnout struck in May 1987, was a shattering experience. My optimism had turned to terror overnight. I was scared! With the hopes that I can help someone suffering from depression and show you how you can beat depression, I now share with you the top 5 symptoms of depression which hit me like a ton of bricks.1. Fear, worry and anxiety – […]

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5 Ways to Stop Worrying and How To Start Living Again

Probably the most important factor in worry prevention is the prevention of fatigue. I have found in my own life that when I’m worn-out physically, I am susceptible to worry. Much like the way fatigue lowers our resistance to the common cold, fatigue lowers our resistance to the emotions of fear and worry.Rest before you get tired. Plan and take your next vacation before you need it.Learn to relax. Since it is not our brain that tires from mental work, […]

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